Saturday, 21 January 2012

Happy Birthday Robyn!!!!

I would firstly like to say to Robyn: Have a very Happy Birthday!!!!

And secondly, I would like to show you what I had the pleasure of Making for her...

This is a canvas that I painted a few weeks back (it was mentioned in one of the Craft Reviews). I can now show it, without the worry of spoiling her surprise.

Robyn is my musical friend. This therefore warranted a musical inspired birthday gift.

The idea came to me while listening to some classical music... the way that the music floats; rises and falls... And it irritates me that the stave is always straight. Very Boring.

This painting is a combination of media - a watercolour background, and an acrylic foreground. I like it, and I hope she will too!

This is the Card I made for her. It's quite simple, and yes, the painting on the front is of her (mildly, it's only a vague likeness, but one can tell)

I chose the colours to co-ordinate with the painting, and because purple is her favourite colour. It may be simple but I think it is effective. I will make a tutorial for it later.

The picture itself on the card was primarily drawn from a photo (using my laptop as a light box) and then filled in with watercolours. I outlined it in black pen.

I like using watercolours. They're so quick and easy to use, and they give a delicate finish. And the colours can be quite vibrant as well...

Happy Birthday Robyn!

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