Sunday, 22 January 2012

Craft Review: Week 4: Sunday 15th January - Saturday 21st January


I planned on doing some knitting through Sherlock... I think I managed one row.... it was INTENSE!
^He is Jumping^.... Or did he?


I went to visit the Grammar school! It was so nice there, but I was absolutely exhausted when I got back. I will say though, that I did do a drawing while in their art class - new media combination: graphite and emulsion paint. Very effective. No pictures because they kept it. It's stapled to their wall.
So proud.


I made some more stars for my Mummy's  Thought stars. These ones are purple...
I also received my GCSE Art Exam Paper... Theme: Ordinary and Extraordinary..... I shall Ponder for a while...


A rather lazy day... Hot chocolate after school with a friend, then helping her choose between a purple fuzzy Hippo and a Clanger... I jest not... I did manage a few rows of my Fluffy Simple Scarf, though.


I commenced battle with a 40 inch square canvas and a compass.... oh dear god, please help me...
But you cannot see it yet! Ahhhaahaha! It will remain outside of public viewing (unless you visit my art class where it takes up an extortionate amount of room on an easel. But most people don't know where my classroom is, so that's good!) until I see it as a fit time to announce it.


I made Robyn's birthday card! Which I still need to write a tutorial for....


I went to Robyn's party and ate an awful lot of food.... So I was a bit preoccupied. Although, I did receive a photo as a memento, which has sparked the urge to redecorate my room..... somehow...

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