Sunday, 29 January 2012

Craft Review: Week 5: Sunday 22nd January - Saturday 28th January 2012


I spent a few hours experimenting with word art on a canvas, for my friend Drew's Birthday. It turned out quite well, and she loved it, but I stupidly forgot to take a photo of it. It was in the colours of yellow and black, and contained the word Hufflepuff.


I came home feeling drained after spending an extra hour in school to complete my English coursework, so I only managed a row or two of my simple fluffy scarf.


I did a session of after school art, in which I completed my battle with a canvas and a compass. Indeed, it is most intriguing.... I then came home and skimmed my history textbook in preparation for my sources paper tomorrow.


I came home, absolutely horrified. That was the most terrifying exam I had ever done. I knew NOTHING about the subject. It was based on a paragraph on the textbook of only four lines. Luckily, I think my educated guesses may have saved my skin.... So. I came home feeling absolutely horrible, and to make myself feel better, I made this:
This is for my Mummy, and is a simple envelope backed pillow, hand embroidered with white wool. It definitely succeeded in cheering me up


I did after school art again, whereby I attacked my canvas again, this time with a blue colouring pencil. I have completed 3/6 circles. Mysterious, no?


This has been the week from hell. I came home and collapsed, so tired. I got out my scarf and knitted a few rows.


I woke up early, and did some work this morning. Then I got out the needles and knitted a little something. I won't say what it was, or who it's for, as I would like to give it to someone who may or may not read this blog. I don't know if anyone does at all. any comments would be appreciated. Tangent. I knitted this little thing for something which I'd like to start which involves making little things for my friends 'Just because'. I make things, and then have no idea what to do with them. So this is the solution that I've come up with.
I also made my Mummy's Birthday card, which involved ribbons and shiny card.

It's different to the sort I usually make, but I like it.


  1. I really like your "Love" pillow...tutorial please on how to embroider letters onto fabric :)

  2. Thank You! And, as Requested, there is now a post called DIY: STitched Writing Cushion, in July. I hope it will be helpful!