Sunday, 11 March 2012

Craft Review: Week 11: Sunday 4th March - Saturday 10th March


I started knitting another owl today! It's for a friend who is coming to visit next week... I tried to guess the colours I would want/need for her and chose a lovely blue, orange and yellow. Very bright, quite neon, and I think very her (her birthday card was neon orange and green, and she loved it...)


I finished off the little owl by stitching him together. Isn't he/she cute?


After school art, as always. So close to finishing, I can almost feel the elation.


Using this wonderful pattern fromSimply Notable, I began knitting for my mother for Mothers Day. It's a 'Teabag Cosie' as far as I can tell, which tickles me somewhat, and as my mother drinks truckloads of tea, I figured it appropriate.


Art lessons, and art after school. I finished! Finally... Now I can fully focus on my exam work. I will get round to, at some point, finishing up my coursework posts. I don't have a picture yet, because I forgot my camera.


Today, I made a Red Heart, much the same as I did for my mother's birthday. This will be for my friend's mother, who is also coming for the weekend. The only thing that I changed was that instead of putting a bead there, I knotted it anyway (mainly because I've run out of beads).


I was doing a fair bit of homework today, including a sprinkling of art. This sprinkling included some Artist Research from Van Gogh, Michael Craig-Martin and  MCS Escher...

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