Sunday, 25 March 2012

Craft Review: Weeks 12 and 13: Sunday 11th March- Saturday 24th March

I had visitors last week, hence the lack of posts. We are also nearing exam time, particularly in art, so I'm beginning to panic (4 weeks until art, 7 until everything else).
But, I did keep my resolution, I keep trying to do some sort of craft every day, which is often my relief from all of my revision. thank god for craft. so this is what I've been up to:
Another Buckbeak Scarf
Pretty swirls
I started knitting another Buckbeak Scarf. I had another ball of wool, a hard day at school, and I decided to start another simple knitting project.

I decided I wanted to try and stitch a swirl into a canvas. This was just an impulse, I am now unsure of what I want to do with it or the rest of the canvas.
  • I have been doing lots of art. Mainly for my exam, which is looming ever closer, but I still have been annotating my coursework books occasionally.
  • I did a few rows of my Ravenclaw scarf.
  • I collected a few more squares patterns for my Harry Potter Blanket.
  • Ben Youngs' Try, Twickenham, 17/3/12
  • I'm also beginning to get a drawing urge... I want to draw something rugby related (I love it so much (Ben Youngs' Try last weekend....absolutely brilliant)), but I also want to do something a bit more whimsical... what yet, I'm not sure
I have a French Speaking exam next week, joy of joys, so I'll be freaking out until Thursday about that one... Otherwise, I will continue crafting as much as I can, as frequently as I can, and just look forward to the Easter Holidays.

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