Saturday, 31 March 2012


Character number 2, for Chapter 3. This is Allan (two L's, not 1, or he gets annoyed), but his ancestor is less clear as Matthew's, so he doesn't know yet. Several of them don't. Allan is tall, lanky, and quite handy with a sword, but extremely sensitive to any type of sound.

I'm really beginning to have fun painting these characters. It makes me feel closer to them, and to understand them better. I hope to do all 17, but the time it takes, I won't mind at all. I feel it a worthwhile activity; I've already started on my third character, Maya; and I suggest it to anyone who is trying to write anything. It's awfully helpful.

"I saw Allan incline his head when we heard the distinctive snap and rush of the bows at the other end of the hall; he was more sensitive to sound than the rest of us. Very hard to sneak up on."


  1. This looks very nice:) I don't draw faces, either! Where are these characters from?

    1. They're from a story that I'm writing, and Thank You very much, I'm glad you like them :)