Sunday, 4 March 2012

Craft Review:Week 10:Sunday 26th February - Saturday 3rd March

I am afraid that, this week, I have been absorbed in my Art exam Prep, and finishing off my Coursework for that subject. It is beginning to take over my life. I have millions of ideas swimming around in my head, but I never seem to get round to them, as there is always some more work I can do to get me a better grade in art. It's not a chore for me, I love it, but it does detract from my time to do anything else. By Thursday 26th April, though, I will have finished, which is a daunting prospect... I also managed to get a load of bulk reading done. I haven't read anything huge for a long time, I haven't felt right. But, I am now on page 571 of Inheritance, about to begin the Chapter titled The City of Sorrows. Nobody tell me anything, I want to read it myself.


I finished Knitting the sherbet lemon square that I started a week ago. I still need to add a few embroidered details, but its finished, and that's what matters.

I was rounding up my FIRST art project, finally getting round to write an evaluation for my first Final Piece, For my Surfaces Coursework. I now just need to find a picture and stick it all down.

I spent an hour and a quarter painting my SECOND Final Piece, for the theme 'Similarities and Differences'. It's huge, and it's taking me hours to complete.

I managed to squeeze some time for my other ongoing project... My Ravenclaw Scarf. I managed a couple of rows only though, which was very disappointing.

I actually managed to have 5 hours of art today.... I had my two prescribed lessons, then, as we had a supply teacher for our geography lessons, and i had finished all of the work, I continued with my exam work in that lesson. I was doing some 3D work in  the lesson, and in Geography, I was doing a tonal pencil drawing of one of my best friends (my evil twin, Becky). Then after that, I had two hours after school whereby I continued with my second final piece. I astounded myself. All of the intricate pieces are now done. I now only have to block the edges, smooth the lines, and touch up places where things have gone wrong, and I'll be finished. It's beginning to look really good now as well.

I have limited time on Fridays. I did manage, however, to add some more detailing to the Becky portrait, and that's looking quite good as well.

I added some more to Becky's portrait, and did a little bit of annotation for something in my other book. I had a day off on Saturday. I read over 200 pages of my book as well... I was a bit preoccupied.

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