Monday, 27 August 2012


With this post, I reach my 100th.
That's quite good, isn't it? I am proud of my little blog, created out of boredom in last year's summer holidays. It has become an essential part of me. I'm never bored now.
If I'm not working, I'm crafting, and if not crafting, I'm writing here - storing up a load of drafts, tutorials and art presentations. So yes. I have written more than 100 posts, I just haven't gotten round to sending them out yet.
But this, I have come to realise, is not just my blog, something to come to when bored. It is yours as well, the reader. I have very few readers, 5 following by google, and 28 on HelloCotton. 33 Followers in 1 year. Not bad I'd say.But it's then a matter of how many of you actually read my blog on a regular basis. That number is much much fewer.
My main traffic comes from CraftGawker. I can tell when I've submitted something - stats usually spike, before sinking back down to hover at around 15 views per day.
I don't mind though. It is those who read that I care about. So, with this 100, I'm going to be asking you some questions.
What do you want the next 100 posts to be about?
More Tutorials?
More Art?
More Knitting?
More  Sewing?
More Harry Potter?
More of me?
I don't know... what say you?


  1. Whatever you find interesting! (But Harry Potter is always welcome...) - V-J

  2. A little of everything :) I cannot choose a single one.
    I don't have many followers either (and I also noticed those spikes from craftgawker) but well we can have fun just blogging right? :)

  3. just realized that a single one doesn't sound too good on the sentence. I cannot choose just one would be much better!

    1. That's ok, I'm not too fussed about your grammar....
      And yes,indeed. Of course we can have fun justblogging. It's what it's for, right?

  4. More of everything! ESPECIALLY HARRY POTTER! I love your blog! In particular I love your Crafts From A Ravenclaw badge :) Keep blogging, I will keep reading! I'm about to embark on my first knitting pattern, a Dark Mark scarf ;) This will be interesting as I find reading knitting patterns difficult, I also love your enthusiasm about art and crafts! KEEP GOING! It's fantastic... Love Kim x