Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Vase Studies

After exploring the world of Greek Pottery, my teacher urged me to take a look at modern versions, at flower vases and jars, also so that I could experiment in shaping the ellipses and curved surfaces suitably.

Here is the still life drawing I did. The varying differences in height, size and shape make for an interesting composition. As I had previously looked at the warm, earthy tones of the Greek's pottery, I chose to use colder, icier colours such as white, greys and blues for this study. I used oil pastel as my media, as I find they are easier to blend and give a smoother surface.

This picture is of the page in my sketchbook, including an additional study, picking out the highlights in blue across one of the vases. This one grew on me over time.

I also had to look at a modern day clay pot artist, so I was given Grayson Perry to contrast and do some research on
Now.I have this thing about modern art.I hate it.
It's disturbing, it's weird, and it practically never makes any sense and is often quite disgusting.Which is pretty much what I said in my annotation. That, and that my study was thankfully done in charcoal so that I could stop drawing it quicker.
So yes. That is my exploration into modern pottery.


  1. Don't judge all modern pottery by Grayson Perry! His pots are actually rather good (and fairly conventional) shapes, but he uses that to contrast with his political and social content. It doesn't quite work for me either - Valeria-Johanna

    1. True, there are a lot of other pottery artists out there, and I wish I knew some of them. His subjects are disturbing and the decoration chaotic, and I don't feel comfortable with them.