Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Innocent Smoothies : The Big Knit

Every Year, Innocent Smoothies send out a call for tiny little knitted hats.
Yes, you did read that right.
Each of these little hats are placed on top of one of their bottles, and 25p of each sale goes to the charity Age UK, supporting projects to keep older people warm during the winter.
They're very simple, and even a knitting novice can make one (my sister has been knitting for less than a week and even she can make one). I encourage you all to try! They're very quick, and you can have a lot of fun! Take a look at some of these examples:
I'm planning a few fun ones... Strawberries, R2D2's and Daleks anybody?!

It's a simple Pattern: 28 Stitches, 2 rows of rib ,12 rows of Stocking Stitch, and two rows of decrease before sewing up the sides. Add a pom pom and you're good to go!
You have until Monday the 1st of October to knit your hats, and send them to their address, which, along with the patterns and more information, you can find:
If you do make some hats (I'm sure crochet would be acceptable too), send me a link to your amazing hats, and I'll make sure to make time to gawk at them.
And remember, it's all for charity! 

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