Thursday, 23 August 2012

GCSE Results - ARGH!!!!!

Today is the Thursday when all 16 year olds in the UK who have taken their GCSE's wait and ponder, hopeful and worried, laughing and crying. Or, in my case, hyperventilating and fainting. And accidentally biting my mother's finger....
To illustrate  - quotes from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Chapter 5
"Don't, don't, don't!" said Hermione, flapping her hands hysterically." I know I've failed everything!"
This one day can either give you that sense of satisfaction over the work you have put in for two whole years, or it can leave you feeling utterly wasted.
Hermione's hands were shaking somuch she was making her whole owl tremble.
Of Course, everyone is different, and I in no way intend to brag here, but these are my results and I am proud of them. This is a monumental occasion, and I wish to share it with you.
Harry read the parchment through several times, his breathing getting easier with each reading.
 Here they are then, what so much worrying, stress and hard graft have created:
Geography A*
English Language A*
English Literature A*
Additional Science A* (for which my two exams were 100%and 99%(miffed at that one mark!))
FRENCH A* (yes, really didn't expect that one)
Maths A* (which, out of 400, I only dropped 15 marks)
Religious Studies A
Art A (A*'s are like gold dust, so I'm pleased)
History A
Adding to that:Core Science A from last yearStatistics A* (taken two years early)
I'm very pleased. Not the top, my best friend beat me by 2 A*'s, but these are my results, and we took different subjects. There are some I am immensely proud of, and one incredulous, and I think we all know that I hate computers. And I mean, come on, I’ve got to find something to be miffed about?!
(Note: GCSE's - General Certificate of Secondary Education. Equivalent to Harry Potter OWLs - Ordinary Wizarding Levels)
Three vaguely happy looking girlies (we're not very photo- friendly)
Harry looked back down at his results. They were as good as he could've hoped for.


  1. YAAAAY!!! Well done!!! :D You did soooo well! You should be incredibly proud of yourself. Massive congratulations to you! It must be a weight off your mind to have it over and done with, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! xx

    1. Thank You! And yes, it is,although I've been calmer than I expected... It should be a good weekend - my friends are coming around for a post-results party..... MORE CAKE! :D

  2. Well done indeed! - V-J of the Crones (but I'm sure the others would agree with me).

    1. Thank You! Let the other two know, willyou ;)

    2. I will. I did mention it in the Ravenclaw Common Room, and the gang in there were very pleased. V-J