Thursday, 26 March 2015

DIY: Mini Ribbon Flags

I thought today I'd share a quick little DIY on how to make these little flags. One of the things, I feel, my stash is actually lacking in is small embellishments like these which I can use on my scrapbook pages and on cards. They could even act as little cake toppers! I'm sure there are other similar tutorials out there, but this one works for me.

They're really quick and simple, and can be made to suit any colour scheme.

Wooden cocktail sticks

1) Fold the ribbon to the desired length of your flag. My advice is not to cut this just yet, as if the staple goes wrong (which it did for me a couple of times) you're not wasting any ribbon.

2) Staple the fold of the ribbon at an angle. You want to get the staple close enough so that the cocktail stick can slide into the channel created, but not too large that it will fall straight out again. The angle is to help the cocktail stick remain in place.

3) Test the channel created. The image above shows a staple placement that is pretty much perfect. If your staple isn't quite right, just cut the ribbon off at the staple and try again from step 1.

4) From here you can trim both sides of the flags equally. Flat edges work well, but I prefer the pennants as in the first image. It's all down to personal preference.

I can't wait to use these on my projects!

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