Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Happy Rachel

This photo is from the 14th August 2014, when I realised I had a place at the University of York. I was ecstatic, even then. Hence why I'm so bummed out about this year.

In terms of scrapping this picture, I didn't really have any embellishments to go with the colours in the picture, so I started pulling different pieces of patterned paper out of my stash. My stash is basically just a pile of papers that came free in magazines, so to find things that match can be somewhat of a novelty sometimes. These just ended up on top of each other, and after I'd messed around with the proportions, I came across this design. I still haven't added the journalling yet, but that will go on the gridded card tucked into the left hand side. 

To be honest, because I love the photograph so much, the lack of embellishments doesn't bother me that much at all.

Do you get that? When a photo is just too nice to overpower?

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