Thursday, 19 March 2015

Small craft haul

Earlier this week I received an order that I put in with Hobbycraft. I'd been craving some new crafty goodies for a while, and I couldn't wait long enough to visit the store in person. This is not a sponsored post, I'm just really excited to use all of these in my craft projects!

First I picked out this rainbow coloured polka dot 12x12 Album with some extra page protectors. I've been keeping pretty much up to date with my layouts for 2015, but I'd yet to find an album to actually house them. When I got an email through last week with this album marked down to £7.50, it's what started this min shopping spree. It feels good to give these new pages a home.

I also chose these blue and red paper flowers. I find these so versatile on both scrapbook pages and on cards. The red ones are new to me, but hopefully I'll use them as quickly as I did the blue ones the first time round!

I've had my eye on some wooden embellishments for a long time, and finally decided to jump for it. I plumped for this tea inspired set, mainly for projects I would make for my mum. She loves tea, and I figured these would work well there. I also chose these generic flowers, as I use flowers in my projects all the time. They also sort of reminded me of the white rose of York, but that may just be because I'm tuned into that sort of thing...

These were something different for me, but I'm really looking forward to using them. I've just started watching some YouTube videos on scrapbooking, and word stickers come up all of the time, I spotted these Heidi Swapp stickers, and was surprised, as usually Hobbycraft doesn't usually stock brands that I recognise from hearing these American crafters speak...

These two were not from Hobbycraft, but from The Works. As you can see, just a pack of wooden frames and some double sided tape that I used as an excuse to spend some pondering time on my own and not traipsing around looking at soil and herbs,,,

Have you bought anything new recently? Can you recommend anything? If you're from Britain, where do you buy your craft supplies?

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