Thursday, 28 May 2015

So Very Lucky

It's taken a few days in the post, but finally I have something to share with you! I was extraordinarily lucky to win the National Scrapbooking Day giveaway over at Elle's Studio! I was thrilled, I never seemed to win anything when I was younger, even coin tosses I notoriously lost, so to find myself so fortunate now is pretty unbelievable.

It all came, all the way from the states, nicely neat and packaged... I loved the little pink concertinas, they made it feel so special!

Below is a picture of everything I found amidst the pink paper... I pulled each packet out individually, and was amazed each time as there kept appearing more, and more, beautiful supplies! I'd never really branched into the big scrapbooking brands before, but the quality and gorgeous colour schemes of the Elle's Studio collections is simply gorgeous!!

One of the first things I found were the past three months kits. In terms of scrapbook kits, they're surprisingly well priced, and I've often thought of purchasing some before... In fact, I have since ordered the February Kit too, as I just fell in love with them instantly - such variety, and everything was so usable... gorgeous.

One of my favourite collections that came in the kit was the Shine collection. The bright, sunny colours really evoke the sense of the summer sun... I'm already dreaming up a few projects...

The Love You More collection was one I was surprised to enjoy quite so much... I've never been a 'Valentines' sort of person. But, the pieces here are so versatile, and not at all overwhelmingly 'pink', I'm sure I can find ways to work them in to even everyday projects.

Sycamore Lane has more of an autumnal feel to it, and I was delighted to see that, quite frequently, the word autumn had indeed been used, as opposed to the word fall, which is uncommon here. the rich pri8mary colours, while different, also work surprisingly well with the other collections.

Penelope was a cute collection, and it made me want to create a few pages with my sister in them... which I think is the intention! The pinks may be a bit overwhelming here, but the whites and the krafts do help to tone it down a tad.

The lovely Cienna collection was one I fell in love with too. The different tones, and the general message running through it is one I feel relates well to my period of life. It's one of those which I can see myself turning to quite easily to finish off accents for pages, or even as a starting point. It is simply beautiful.

I was also gifted two lovely wood veneer sets: Key to My Heart, and Lots of Love. I've recently fallen for wood veneer, and these are both lovely selections. I'm just afraid I'll use them too quickly!

Finally, three stamp sets: A Bushel and a Peck, Always + Forever, and Cienna. I think this may be the push I need to get me into stamping, it's never before been something I've explored, but I look forward to doing some testing.

Thank you very much to all at Elle's Studio, I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am. Everything I received is beautiful, and I will definitely be ordering from the shop in the future!

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