Saturday, 16 May 2015

Student Nationals

Today as well as sharing a page, I'm going to share a few quick tips that I learnt from my first attempt at typed journalling.

The actual layout of this page is very simple. I made a photo collage for the bottom four images, and just had them printed together. I wanted to keep the rest of the page clean, because those five photos are so busy. These were from the Octopush Student Nationals at the end of February, and for anyone who doesn't know what octopush is, check this page. Trust me, it's fantastic. I couldn't play this year, as I was ill, but I was so proud that the York A team came fourth!

I then measured out the space I had on the plain yellow card beside the pictures. I subtracted a centimetre from either side, as I wanted a border. I translated this into a punlisher document, setting the text box to the same dimensions. For formatting, I chose to have the text stretched equally across the lines to keep the shape of the rectangle.

Once everything was typed and formatted to fit the box, I printed the page out. I used a paper trimmer to cut each line out evenly, and then a pair of scissors to cut the end and beginning if the time as close as possible.

Now comes the fiddly part: sticking them down. I found the best way to not get muddled is to try, desperately, to ALWAYS KEEP YOUR LINES IN ORDER. I spent a while trying to figure out which one's needed to go in which order because I, stupidly, overlooked that issue. 

Once that is done, I adhered mine in a few places with a glue stick, but any adhesive that can work on small strips of paper would work just as well.

You can see from this image that not all of the strips are evenly cut, note particularly the last line of the second from last paragraph: the 'to' very nearly got cut of due to my poor scissor skills, resulting in a slant... but it's okay. You can't tell as long as ou don't stare at it too much. Perhaps this can help you learn from my mistake - don't get distracted while using scissors!

I hope this helps to anyone else looking to start typing their scrapbook journalling!

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