Saturday, 30 May 2015

Solo Eclipsing

Ah, the solar eclipse. One of the key moments in March. Can you remember it? I can. I was sat outside, curled up under a blanket wearing my thick coat, hat and gloves, peering miserably up to the cloudy sky hoping desperately that the cloud would break and I would be able to see those little slivers of sun. I got lucky, but only after some considerable waiting.

I kept this layout monochrome to help emulate that cloudy day. Using circles and stars helped suggest the moon and the sun, and the papers work well together. I used co-ordinating embellishments in black and white, trying to stick to a vaguely circular theme.

The title was actually something I borrowed from one of my friends' snapchat titles... she was watching the eclipse alone too, and it stuck in my head. It fits really nicely, and it helps remind me of that snap that morning. I still have to fit my journalling in, but I can find a place for that no problem.

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