Saturday, 6 June 2015

First and Last

This page is very meaningful, and it took a lot of courage to get it down onto paper. It feels good that this page should go live on the blog today, as, all being well, I will be waking up in York, next to Him, for the first time in six months. And it's going to be amazing.

Having my degree frozen meant that I got thrown into a long distance relationship. This means that for a lot of the time, we only really communicate via technology. However, he still has his degree, and sometimes his days were busy and I was left out of the loop and alone a lot of the time. The one thing I clung to was wishing him goodnight and a good morning. We still do this now. It's just a little way of coping telling each other that we're thinking of them. I tried to get all of this down, because, even if this relationship doesn't last, it's still a good lesson to learn.

In all of my layouts that have involved Him, I've tried to keep the colour palettes gender neutral. Here I really liked the idea of using these different greens. The different patterns are all subtle enough but add enough interest to a relatively mundane picture. The birds as the main embellishment though, have a rather symbolic, personal meaning.

This page means so much to me, and I am proud that I managed to complete it.

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