Saturday, 13 June 2015

Roses Are White

I may be on a Leave of Absence, but I still have university pride! Because, of course, the University of York is the best. I mean, it has the largest plastic bottomed lake in Europe and everything...

Anyway, the layout marked this years War of the Roses. Less violent (only slightly) than its namesake, its a university-wide sports competition between the Universities of York and Lancaster. This year it was York's turn to host it, so, naturally, we thrashed 'em. ROSES ARE WHITE! (Yet for some reason our sports kits are black and yellow...)

This was also my first layout using the gorgeous pieces that I was so lucky to win from Elle's Studio: the yellow is just perfect. I'm also looking forward to using the stamps more... Stamping has never been my thing, but perhaps now I can be encouraged to use them more!

I love how this page came together, it was gorgeous to formulate, and everything worked so seamlessly, something which doesn't happen to me often! I'm very proud of this layout, and my university, so this one is definitely going into my favourites list.

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