Saturday, 20 June 2015


The photo I used here was one we took at one of our sixth form group meet-ups... I have a few of those that I scrapped recently to share with you; everyone was home for Easter, which made it all so much easier. I loved the golden tinge the lighting gave to the photo (I don't edit my photos at all) which inspired the whole page.

This layout is unusual for me because the background is quite dark, but I wanted to try something different. I actually really like it, it sits well with the page opposite it.

In terms of actual construction, it's very simple, just three 6x6's layered beneath a square photo, with a 4x6 journalling card for my writing (and look! I've actually written on this one!).

For the embellishments, I found a diddy heart punch whilst I was going through my stash and I just had to use it... Apart from that, I had some metal leaves that had fallen off one of my headbands that I'd kept, a small wood veneer frame, and a border strip that I'd trimmed down to little pennants.

In terms of construction, it is a very simple process. But it is amazingly effective.

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