Thursday, 4 June 2015

Inspiration Realisation: 2

In a second post of my new theme of Inspiration Realisation, I turned to a food recipe I had hoarded. Food inspired projects are probably the easiest to realise, as most of us have the ingredients already, it's just putting them together that takes a bit of thinking.

I collected this recipe a few months ago, of Parmesan Pull-apart rolls:

Parmesan Pull Apart Bread (Rolls).  The perfect sidekick to every soup dish.  Easy and delicious.

Find the recipe Here

They looked amazing. So I decided to give them a go.

My Parmesan perhaps cooked a bit more than the original recipe, but I love the colour on it. They tasted delicious too, they didn't last very long in this house at all!! It's definitely a recipe that I would try again!

What projects have you been realising recently?

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