Saturday, 27 June 2015

My Crazy Nutters

And here is my next meet-up with my other lovely friends! This photo was actually taken at a rail station at night... because we're classy like that.

The layout is similar to something I've seen pop up a few times on pinterest, splitting the page in half on the diagonal. It's a very striking design feature, and I enjoyed then creating this trail of embellishments all of the way down that line. I pretty much collated all of the pieces I could find in the colour scheme and threw them at it... This process seems to have worked surprisingly well!

The title is not something I would usually use, but I wanted to use those letters. Unfortunately, there were very few of them left, and this was the only thing I could create that was a) relevant, and b) achievable. Ah well, it doesn't look too out of place.

I actually made this layout before I received my Elle's Studio goodies, which was a shame, because their colours fitted so well to this scheme... I think perhaps this paper was even an Elle's Studio one... I can't remember. But either way, it turned out great all by itself.

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