Saturday, 1 September 2012

I Finished It!

I've been working on it since last September, it is fitting that I should finish it now, just as that month restarts. It is fitting, also, as it feels like an epic battle, just like a Harry Potter book, all that occurs from one September to the next.... Slow in the beginning with minor struggles. A bombardment in the middle, tailing off again... finishing with frantic knitting,with over a hundred rows being knitted in the last week alone.
This scarf has been with me for so many different steps in the past year, helped me to survive and carry on. Now,as I open a new Chapter, I hope it will follow me as well (unless I'm not placed in the blue house at my new school...)
In celebration of my finishing of this scarf, I will bring to you a new feature every Monday for the next 2months: Knitting in Potter, looking at the various references and gorgeous knitwear pieces that the films have bought to us, finishing with the culmination-I will be visiting The Making of Harry Potter Leavesden Studio Tour at the end of October!
Where, of course, this little(very long) scarf, will take an outing.

In case you haven't latched on yet, this is my Ravenclaw Scarf. Not finished entirely, admittedly - I would like to add tassel's at some point. But, it works well enough without them.

Pattern came from the Book 'Charmed Knits' by Alison Hansel, and is usually available on Amazon. I used the pattern for years 3-4, purely because I like it better. There are a plethora of different pattern is in a range of different abilities, and I thoroughly recommend it for anyone knitting for a Potter fan.

This has been my faithful WIP for the last Year, I really need another one... small projects cannily sustain so much....Back to the drawing board, I guess...


  1. For some time now I have had a pattern to knit a Severus Snape doll, designed by Knitforvictory who's on Etsy. I have not yet got round to starting it, partly for time reasons and partly because I'm a little nervous of my husbands comments if I were to sit there knitting Snape of an evening. But I have a nice soft toy wizard that I think of as Dumbledore, and I think he needs a reliable right-hand man around for emergencies. V-J

    1. My advice would be to just make a start. If you keep putting it off, you'll never get it done. Look at me! A scarf can usually be one in a relatively small amount of time- I've knitted two more this week, so to keep with the peserverence that is required for smaller needles, little andoften...and just think of the satisfaction for when it's done