Friday, 14 September 2012

Craft Review: Week 37: Sunday 2nd - Saturday 8th September

I went back to school this week.
But, it's a new school, and this time, I'm studying A-Levels - they're a lot of work.
Things are going to get a bit more sparse around here - There's only so much one can cope with when they return from school at 6pm, 11 hours after they left...
So, before anyone asks: Physics, Maths, History and Art. So, I'm not being completely hopeless, I do Art every single day.... Every Single Day!!!
The flip side of this is being the only girl in a class of 5 boys in Physics... I'll let you know how that gets on.... It would be better if they even tried to talk to me....
Anywho,back to where we were.
On Monday, before my return, I completed the other petals for mum's poppy. That's all; I still need to stitch them and create the middle, but I have the petals.
Also, on Tuesday, when I got home, I finished knitting a scarf for one of my cousins for either her birthday/Christmas Present.... (Photo unavailable, as mother has squirrelled it away!)
And then we have Art, where, at the moment, we are just drawing/painting/recording ANYTHING that we want AT ALL!!!!
It's just so wonderful.


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