Monday, 3 September 2012

Knitting in Potter: The Philosopher's Stone

To kick off this series, let's start at the beginning. The first film.
Now, the knitwear here seems a tad bit boring/basic - cable jumpers are key, as is the uniform, includng scarves, jumpers, socks and quidditch gear. Then there is Hermione's.... interesting choice of cardigan for descending through the trap door (it was probably one she didn't mind being eaten by Fluffy).

Oliver Wood and his cable Jumper...

First Film Uniform, with thick stripe scarves.

Quidditch Jumpers...
Hermione's... interesting cardigan. And Harry's red cable jumper.
Ron just looks weird.
But, obviously, the best piece of knitting goes to the Weasley Jumpers.... Is there any such icon of Harry Potter, and a Hogwarts Christmas, as this?
Fred and George! Or.. Gred an Forge, depending on how you look at it....
I think not.

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