Sunday, 2 September 2012

Craft Review: Week 36: Sunday 26th August - Saturday 1st September

This week has been very productive on the scarf front.... and lots and lots of wool!
I also made a fair few Christmas cards, and a card for my friend Elega's Birthday.I shall not post them here a) because they will clog up the works, and b) I have a sneaking suspicion that she reads this blog, so I'll only post the card AFTER her Birthday.
I found a gorgeously soft ball of wool in Hobby Craft, and knitted this scarf in about 3 hours (I love big needles...).It was knitted in the same pattern as this:

My finished scarf for my sister.Yes, her Scarf is bigger and longer, but two balls of this wool were the same amount as mine. And Mine's fuzzy.

This may look like a squid,but I promise it isn't. I started knitting my Sister a Weasley Jumper Christmas Decoration, and then lent Mum the needles. Not a good idea.

So I started making a Knitted poppy for Mum (upon request) from this book (20 to make Knitted Flowers, available on Amazon). I just have one petal, but I should most definitely finish by November, for when it is required.

I also started two needle cases: one for Mum, and one for Grandma.

I don't know who will have which yet, and I need to secure the pages inside, possibly with a blanket stitch spine. I got both of the patterns from here, and used the same technique as for my stitched cushions.
 And, of course, my Ravenclaw Scarf. Tada!
Lots of knitting this week.... I return to educationonTuesday,but in a different school. I'm getting very nervous.I hope that I can keep up even a small proportion of the work that I am doing now.

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