Thursday, 9 April 2015


You may remember that last week, I wrote a list of things I want to complete before I turn twenty in December. One of this number was to complete the 100 Happy Days Project, which I have already started.

For those who have never heard of 100 Happy Days, please take a look at their site. It's a wonderfully inspiring project, very simple, whereby for 100 days, you take a picture of something that made you happy. This is a great project to do if you find yourself in testing times, or if you just feel a bit low. The trick is to try and stick it out for the whole time.

I am currently 16 days into my 100. As a tip, I would suggest setting a daily reminder on your phone, or your computer. I've found that it really helps if I get a 'ping' at the end of the day to give me the kick to either a) remember to take a picture of something, or b) remember to upload something. 

They can be as mundane or as personal as you would like, and there are several different social media formats you can take it through. I am using instagram (for the very first time) and it's a little bit scary for me! If anyone is interested, I am ravenclawrachel. As I said, I'm still getting used to it, so bear with me! However, if you decide to take on your own 100 Happy Days Project, let me know. I'd love to check them out!

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