Saturday, 18 April 2015

Jingle Bells

Yes, this is a shameless Christmas Selfie. Yes, I am wearing a wreath made of bells on my head. No, I am not insane. But, that wreath was surprisingly heavy, it hurt my neck for days...

I have my own self proclaimed Christmas tradition whereby every time we put the Christmas decorations up, I wear an item. In the past I have had tinsel scarves and bauble earrings. This year was the turn of a golden halo...

This background piece is gorgeous. The berries are holographic, it was almost too good to use. But then I found some red mirror card to match it... and, well, it was irresistible. A few other patterns to layer and a journalling card... tada! It makes me smile every time I see this page, mainly because that paper is so beautiful. When a pattern is that good, you let it do all of the talking.

Do you have any patterns in your stash like that?

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