Thursday, 2 April 2015

20 before 20

I know I don't have a track record for keeping lists like these (see my disastrous attempt at my 50 crafty list... I still haven't gotten anywhere near completing that), but this year is different. I need something to aim at, something to focus on. I figured this list would be as good a place to start. I turn 20 in December. I've picked some easy, some difficult things to try and complete. I've added in some experiences, and some projects. It's a nice balance, I think. So here's my 20 before 20 list:

1.     Visit a Museum
2.     Visit an Art Gallery
3.     Walk York’s City Walls
4.     Visit a city I’ve never been to
5.     Go to watch a Rugby match
6.     Sew a piece of clothing I’d be proud to wear out
7.     Finish my two travel journals (from Holidays 2014 & 2013)
8.     Declutter 100 items
9.     Sign up for a class
10.     Volunteer/Get a job
11.    Knit something to wear
12.     Write an article for something
13.    Swim 1km in one session
14.     Rearrange my room
15.     Sign up and complete the 100 Happy Days project
16.  Yarn Bomb
17.    Go for a picnic
18.    Have a Harry Potter Marathon
19.   Visit a Christmas Market
20.  Go and see a show

I hope to scrapbook all of these when I complete them, make it a feature in my album for 2015. I don't have much at the moment, but this would give some focus and some content to it at the very least....

I'll keep you updated.

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