Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Joys of a History Degree

Yes, that is Blackadder you see on the screen.

This was one of our lectures. It was listed as 'optional' on our timetable, but I'm glad that I went. It was an afternoon of watching Blackadder, and analysing how it could be used as a source to determine the views n the eighties of the First World War. It was quite fascinating actually. And we watched Private Plane, which, as an RAF child, I can practically recite.

I was quite happy to use some of the orange in my stash, it's a strange colour, it doesn't go with much. I was also happy to use this chevron piece, I've been hoarding it for years. I thought that such a wacky story required a colourful page,don't you agree?

How do you match paper to an event?

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