Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Afternoon Tea

This is a layout also from April (I was very social in April) about an Afternoon where my friend Nikki and I went out to visit a National Trust Property. Unusual for teenagers? Most definitely. But then you remember that I am an historian, and add in that Nikki is an art student, and it begins to make a bit more sense.

In the process of making this layout I realised that I scrapbook a lot of food photos... somehow I find it more acceptable to take pictures of inanimate objects than of the people I'm actually with. It makes for a more difficult scrapbooking process, a lot of the story - the who, what, where, if you will - having to be told through journalling. 

And I struggle with journalling. 

It's not that I don't like it, I've always loved writing, but I feel it's a bit of a hiccup in the creative process. It  breaks everything up. In addition, I've found that in order for me to be happy with what I'm writing on my page, I'll have to write it out into a notebook first so as to avoid any repetition or grammar mistakes. I don't know if anyone else has a similar process, but if anyone has any tips and tricks to share that may make the whole shebang feel a bit more cohesive, I'd be open to suggestions.

Anyway, about this layout.
The materials are primarily Elle's Studio, working with the pieces that I received in my National Scrapbooking day package. The colour's are gorgeous and work so well together. I just used a wood veneer to add a different texture, and then had ab experiment with some ink splatters. I used watercolour, and as you can see, I got a bit carried away. But the colours are gorgeous, and I hope to try the technique again.

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