Tuesday, 28 July 2015

"I'm an Historian!"

This is a very simple layout, emphasising the dark contrasts in the pictures... Yup, that's a wall of armour on the left, and a medieval torture device on the right. Because I am interested in that sort of thing.

It was also one of those layouts where I had to get down a story of a long-running joke. I am a history student, and I like medieval, which comes wrapped up in it a fairly large amount of death, torture and executions. So when you're walking around school reading a book on execution methods, it does worry some people. Understandably. So we have a running joke that because it's history research, this somehow makes my morbid fascination with death ok.


So, I wanted a lot of the focus to be on the writing and the images. There is actually very little else on this layout, just some paper layering, some stamping (because this is a Tower of London page) and a ribbon that came at the top of some sweets. Oh and some letter stickers. Very quick and easy.

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