Thursday, 16 July 2015

Inspiration Realisation: 4

Another instalment of my series where I take my hoarded inspiration and actually convert it into projects.

Inspiration for this round:

First of all, if you haven't heard of Adele from Inkie Quill, what are you doing?! Go check her out right now! Her videos are freaking amazing! I love her to bits, but I'm sort of scared of the youtube community, so I watch as a silent observer. But Adele, if you ever read this (which is highly unlikely), I love your videos so much. Thank you for sharing your - wait for it- radness with the world. and thank you for also reintroducing the words 'freaking' and 'rad' to my vocabulary.

So, inspired by Adele, I decided I'd like to scraplift the layout created in the video above, and attempt my own grab 5 (I hope she doesn't mind!)

My five items are:
1) This 6x6 paper pad that has been in my stash since 2007. Yup. That long. I needed to get rid of it.
2) These wood veneer quotes by Studio Calico.
3) The Elle's Studio Cienna stamp.
4) Some lilac washi tape.
5) And something from my sequin/gem tin.

This is what I created!

Because I am weird and play underwater hockey and when I made my protective glove I dyed the silicone lilac and lime green. Because I'm awesome. Everyone knows its me. Which, when you're playing at the bottom of the pool, is always a good thing, as communication isn't really that easy...

Anyway, the scrapbooking.

I managed to use all five of the products I'd chosen in this layout, so that's the grab 5 part checked. It's a really great idea, and I hope to try it again. In terms of the actual layout, I flipped the page 90 degrees so it ran horizontally instead of vertically. I loved layering up all of the little pieces, the purple and green, though outdated in terms of the supplies in the scrapbook world, remain one of my more favourite colour combinations.

Which probably makes me strange, I know. 

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