Tuesday, 14 July 2015

First Job

First of all, a note on the blurred photos. It is done intentionally to protect my privacy, please don't say anything about it.

This was a simple layout that I used to commemorate my very first pay cheque. I know, I'm nineteen, this is pretty late for that sort of first. In my defence, I had not been idle, I'd just done five years worth of volunteering instead, with arguably more relevance to my future employment opportunities. But enough of that rant, it's a defence I've had to jump to several times before.

All the pennants on the layout I cut by hand, just making the most of the colour scheme in the photos and trying to bring a bit of lightness to it. I used an Elle's Studio heart stamp in blue and cute them out as a simple embellishment. Really, it's a very simple layout, for a very simple subject. But, for me, it's very important.

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