Monday, 16 April 2012

Craft Review: Week 16: Sunday 8th April - Saturday 14th April

I had a bad day yesterday.
That's my only excuse for not posting this yesterday.
Not entirely.
But I will speak of that later.

I did far too much art this week - I was meant to be off school, yet I still have this inexplicable urge to work my nose to the grindstone. It may have something to do with the fact that my exam is ONE WEEK AWAY and I am FREAKING OUT. If I have not mentioned it, I assure you. I did something


I made some cards for the honesty box I have at my mum's work... I can't remember whether I actually took a photo of them... I don't think I did. They had pretty silver buttons on them, and the colours were white and pale blue.


I finished crochet-ing that bracelet! It looks quite nice, but I'm going to save it until someones birthday is sprung on me from out of the blue. I'm sure there are some of them coming up soon....


I went into school today and did some printing, some clay and some painting. All for my exam.
I hate clay.


I did not knot my two other house-scarf squares, but I did knit two thirds of a sorting hat square, which I will show you once finished.


I made this pink.... thing..... for my sister. Far too much pink for my liking. Far too much.


Pencils, Pastels, Split pins.... you name it, I had it. In a bumper art session that left me exhausted.


I painted Skye!

I do think she's my favourite.

My other reason for not posting yesterday was this.

and this.

Two AMAZNG Books - Not what I would usually read, but they kept me hanging on so badly. They were brilliant. I will say absolutely nothing about the covers.... I fume over ones with photos and these are no exception. I just blatently ignored it and made my own concoction of character.
They're good.

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