Friday, 6 April 2012


Character 5, Erick (and he gets annoyed when people misspell his name, just like Allan). His chapter is most definitely one of the last ones... He is an archer, like Ida, and he is in charge of that branch, descended from Sir Tristan.

I haven't written much yet for Erick... But I do know he's very kind and empathetic. Painting him was fun too, and someone had asked for a step-by step of how I paint these, so I will do that in a separate post. It gave me something to do today, as I was rather bored... I think the green is a nice colour, and it suits him.

"There were scrapings of chairs, and muttered sympathetic apologies to Kate. Erick patted her shoulder, smiling encouragingly, and murmured into her ear."

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