Sunday, 1 April 2012


Character number 3, Maya. I think she will end up narrating Chapter 8... but everything is set in custard at the moment....
(Yes. That is a technical term.)
Maya, like Allan, doesn't know her ancestor, at least not yet. I plan to reveal several of them throughout writing, and I think she might know hers by the end...

Maya is calm, determined and one of the oldest in the group, but not in charge. This riles her sometimes, but she's generally a nice person, but has that mischievous side to her.
She's an interesting character, I'll tell you that, and while painting her, I debated what colour she should wear... I think the pink works well, doesn't it?
If anyone has any questions, please just ask, and I'll be willing to help.

"Her name was Maya, and she had deathly pale skin, and shoulder length dark brown hair. Her eyes were colder, but there was a sparkle, a cunning glint, and her smile was mischievous."

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