Thursday, 12 April 2012

Felt Hearts : Craft Tutorial

These have become a favourite of mine.... I seem to use them for everybody.

I made one for my mum's birthday.
I made one for my Godmother for Mother's day.
And those two above have yet to have a purpose... whether they are a gift or to be sold is currently undecided.

This one is for my sister.

The idea originally came from 'Kirstie Allsopp's Craft', one of the books I got for Christmas. But, I have ended up adapting the pattern slightly. Here's my version.

1) Cut out 2 felt hearts, and cut a matching or contrasting piece of ribbon as such that you can have an equal amount above and below the heart for hanging and tassel. ( I suggest having a loop of about 10cm above the heart, so, add on the double of your hearts' height and add on an extra 10 cm.)

Example: My hearts are 5 cm tall, so require a piece of ribbon about 30cm long.

2) Stitch a contrasting coloured button to the centre of one of the hearts, making sure it's secure.

3) Fold the ribbon in half and pin between the two felt hearts.

4) Using running stitch, stitch around the heart, making sure to catch the ribbon at both the top and the bottom. Stop when you only have room for a small pocket.

5) Unpin and stuff with your favourite stuffing material, or even some dried lavender.

6) Close of the rest of the heart with running stitch.

7) Tie a knot in the loose ribbon ends and taper at an angle so as not to fray.


They are incredibly versatile and could be used for practically any colour scheme. And, they're quick and simple to make, so it's easy to make a few very quickly.

I hope you enjoy some felt heart love!


  1. I love the one for your sister! And it's a great idea to knot the ribbons underneath - very pretty :)

    1. I'm not as fond of that one... it's too pink for my liking. But I know she'll like it.
      Thank you :)