Saturday, 14 April 2012


Next Character up, Skye, and a particular favourite of mine... I have plans for her..... Evil plans....
She seemingly has no talent, she is good at nothing combative and she skims the basics of academia. Her chapter is either the penultimate, or the last.

She is often depressive, but finds comfort in Ian, who worries for her constantly ( I will post him later). She is good at playing the piano, and that is the only thing that seems to truly make her smile.
She's Italian, but one of her defining features is her big blue eyes.... This is the first time I've actually felt sorry that I don't paint their faces. In my mind, her eyes stand out above everything else. I have tried to reflect them, in her necklace, and the jumper, but it's not the same.

"In the corner, the source of the music was found, a grand piano stood majestically. A girl turned from it, surprised to have been interrupted from her playing. She had viciously curly, dark brown hair, and olive skin, but her eyes were a startling, deep blue."

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