Friday, 6 April 2012

Step-by-Step: How I paint

Our Glamorous assistant being, Erick.

(Yes, I do know it's Edmund from Narnia....)

But, he does provide the base for my Erick.

First, I sketch out all of the basic pencil outlines.

Then I watercolour in the base colours for each section.
Wait for that to dry...

Paint in the shadows....

And finally, ink in all of the outlines.
These have to be quick and sketchy, accuracy is not the aim of the game here. I find it gives them more character this way, more undefined details.

Very simple, yet quite effective.

And very good for characters. As I've said before, I dislike knowing precisely what a character is supposed to look like. I use a reference image, yes, but more often than not it is a mash up of two or three different images... or even people! It is within avoiding facial features which allows the imagination to truly run riot.

If there are any questions, referring to my story, or the art, I will be glad to answer them. If anyone would like to read it, I will take suggestions on how to go about it in the comments.

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