Thursday, 1 August 2013


A Pin Board
An old corkboard
Fabric large enough to cover the corkboard
Ideally a staple gun, but if like me you are without, I found that drawing pins work well too
1) First, cut the fabric so that there is at least a 10cm border around each edge of the corkboard
2) Lay the fabric right side down, and the cork board on top. Fold the middles of each side flap in and pin in place.
3) Check that fabric is taught across the front

4) Fold the corners as you would if wrapping a present and pin in place also.
5) Check everything is pinned and the fabric won't move, and if you can, STAPLE!
And.... Voila!

Look! Neat Corners!

I wanted to make a pin board cover that would match my room more than an ugly brown ick thing. All you need to do now is stick pins with important things in (or lists. Lots of lists) and off you go!
Or you could just leave it plain if you are especially in love with the pattern of fabric that you used.

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