Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I'm going a-travelling...

Well, sort of. I'm going on Holiday to Crete with my family for a fortnight, but I want to make a travel journal while I'm out there - it'll give me something to do, and it'll keep all of my memories in one place, which I've never done before.

I'm taking with me a brown paged 8" square ring bound scrapbook, and a selection of papermania travel inspired papers (so that I can choose which ones to use where, unlike mister-stupid-SMASH-book) and this journaling pad, which seemed like a fun idea.

These posts and journals were the ones that inspired me to take on this feat:
I want to make pages like this, except not with a SMASH book, as I don't believe in big brands trying to control everything. If I want to journal on the road, who's to say that I need a SMASH book or not?

I'm writing this check list down as good ideas for page starters.
And this video by Jenniebellie gave me the idea of what I want to be able to achieve one day:
I hope to share my book with you when I get back!

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