Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Harry Potter

I got into Harry Potter quite late, relatively speaking.... I was eleven years old and there were already four films. I was bored one day and went downstairs to see what my parents were watching. They were watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - I came in just as the start of term feast finished. I was intrigued by the school and how real it seemed, so I sat down.

I watched it all and I loved it.

I went back and read all of the first three books, watching the films after completing each of them. I then read the fourth book, but panicked when the age certificate was a 12 ( I still being eleven). I watched it a week before my birthday, on my own, in a darkened room, and having started high school and encountered a large majority of the swear words anyway, I was fine.

I read the other books, hanging on tenterhooks for the sixth and seventh volumes, crying intensely. I went to the cinema for all of the remaining four films, and cried intensely.

I cried when it was over. It still makes me sad.

I want more - spin offs, prequels, the marauders, the founders, what they did as adults, what their children did, spellbooks written and published. There is so much to be explored,and I only hope that when the copyright expires, some bright spark will do it. Or perhaps even JK Rowling will do them herself.

So. Want some quick Trivia?

My Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I call it the tipping stone - it's getting darker, but not quite depressing, it relates to the teenage condition,and the imagery and magic is just getting complex enough.

My Favourite Film: In relation to the books, the two Deathly Hallows ones. They're perfect. AND they include Neville/Luna, which JK was stupid not to.

My Favourite Character: Hermione Granger. She's clever, and she's the kind of person I'd like to be ( but less bossy)

My Favourite House: Ravenclaw. Duh.

The Character I would Date: Fred Weasley. I formed an attachment to him somewhere in the first three books/films. I refuse to acknowledge that he died. Because he didn't. (Fred is the one on the right)

The one thing from the world I wish was real and could own: I'd like to say Hogwarts, but I can't really own it, so I'm going to break the mould and say a life long subscription to the Daily Prophet. If I can't live it,at least I could read about it.

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