Monday, 5 August 2013

My favourite 10: Bloggers

I figured I'd start a series in this month of all blogging - How does My favourite Mondays sound? After all, Mondays are a bit of a let down, so perhaps if I can just remind myself of all the things I like, it could be a good idea!
I'm going to start with my favourite 10 Bloggers today, but as I am unsure of how copyright stands, I'm not going to put any of their pictures up as it could be an infringement and I don't want to be in trouble, even by these lovely people.
Anyway, in no particular order:

Miss Beatrix
If you love the vintage, the literary and general cosiness, this is definitely a blog you want to check out! I particularly love Creatives Unite and her Creative Life series.

Lifesize Paperdoll
Someone to tell it as it is? Yup, this is her. I love her anecdotes of her college life, Maggie manages to highlight all of those little things that make you smile in a day.

Gorgeous Cambridge photography.... Well, just gorgeous photography of everything really. And her crafts are so sweet,and I'm in love with all of the bicycles!

The Cookie Button
I really like looking at the projects Sammy makes for College, as well as the general cuteness of her entire blog.

The Owl Club
This lovely lady actually inspired me for my 50 crafts in a year. Well, it was the push, as you see all of these '30 before 30' things, but I felt craft was a bit more accessible for little me. Her projects are gorgeous and I love Owls too!

Running with a Glue Gun
Katie's Let's Talk series is one I find really interesting, and her DIY's are do-able, and very appealing to us, the younger generation. Also, her dog is super cute.

Fandom in Stitches
Harry Potter Quilts? Need I say more? Oh wait, yes- Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Star Wars, Doctor Who.... This is why I want to paper piece! But can't because I am a wonky sewer....

A Spoonful of Sugar
I think it's amazing that this is a mother and daughter blog. Also food? Yum! And the French twists you see through out are gorgeous.

Click Clack Clunk
Different parts of the world are inspiring, and Lauren's stories of Alaska are just that. I love her drawings and her photos, everything just feels so fresh over there...

Rae Gun Ramblings
If you're looking for an all manner of geekery, tada! Book reviews, Harry Potter Crafts ( I NEED to get some freezer paper) and a cool series called 'Sew our stash' - a good plan, considering the sheer volume that I got given

Dear Little Fawn was my first blog love, but she hasn't been around for a while, so I haven't counted her in my 10. Check out her archives though for her gorgeous drawings, and light-hearted manner.

I hope you love these ladies as much as I do!

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  1. Thanks so much for including me! It really made my day :)