Monday, 26 August 2013

My Favourite 10: TV shows

How can you not love Friends?! The story lines are funny, light-hearted, and there's a character everyone can relate to - I think I must be something like the third Geller child in my subconscious, as I am freaky about History like Ross, and like everything in its place like Monica!

 Ah... McGee.... I'd never really watched a crime television programme before, so it surprised me that I liked this one. It may have something to do with the relation to the Navy, or the complexities of the characters - it's not just crime, their investigators are so cool! Abby is BRILLIANT.

Navy Again! I find this interesting as I was considering Law as a future option. Rabb and Mac does frustrate me, and I was annoyed when Chegwidden left, but they're funny, they're fluffy, and there are plot twists and good story lines.

You have already been on the receiving end of my M*A*S*H love if you are a long term reader here. They are quite possibly the funniest shows I have ever seen, admittedly from the 70s, but there is nothing wrong with that. Oh and guess what, it's the military again!

Doctor Who
How can you not love Doctor Who? It's a shame that Matt Smith is leaving, I don't feel the writers were good enough to give the same chance to shine as David Tennant did. Mind you, it must have been hard for him, trying to follow that up. Doctor Who is at its best when it scares you - I prescribe anything with Weeping angels.

Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic, and the effects are amazing, when you see the calculations that run through his head scroll across the screen. Sherlock Holmes is one of those classic characters, and Benedict brings him perfectly to life in a contemporary setting.

Downton Abbey
The love affair continues despite the cruelty of Julian Fellowes. Gorgeous costumes, characters and stories, it was unfortunate that my favourite (Sybil) died. I was rooting for her and Branson right from the start. It's one of those series where you get so enthralled, you want to live and be a part of it, if only as an observer into that world.

General Knowledge, Stephen Fry, and occasionally something about a Blue Whale, Alan? Marvellous.

Kirstie Allsopp's assorted craft programmes
I could hardly write a craft blog if I didn't enjoy these. She's got a bit more into the Vintage area now, but I especially adored her Handmade Christmas series. They're all brimming with ideas and beautiful images.
The White Queen
Oh Wow. I love it. The history, the costumes, the strength of all of the female characters, Aneurin Barnard... I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Next up, the books! (Yes, I know, I've done it in the wrong order but I didn't think that I would love it this much!)


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