Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Craft Review: Week 27: Sunday 24th July- Saturday 30th July

Here we go... Another week gone by... ah, shame. This week though, mother started leaving me jobs and chores to do.... I've put the washing on now so many times, it's unbelievable! But here is what I managed to squeeze in in my spare time...

Lovely little Radar.... You've seen him before....

This Egyptian Eye-Thing Painting for my sister (she's the one who knows too much about the Egyptians, I have absolutely no clue. I just typed something into google and this idea came up)
It's painted with both acrylics and watercolours,and I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

I also painted my mama this lily. Lily's are her favourite  flower, and I can understand why.I had a bit of trouble trying to decide how to outline the petals, but I settled on silver ink pen. It looks ok, doesn't it?
Painting in acrylic and watercolour,with pen as well.
I also knitted a few more rows of my Ravenclaw scarf, took some photographs, and made some lovely cookies from a recipe on DeerLittleFawn's blog. Recipe here. I definitely recommend them, my friends devoured them in seconds. Seal of approval, I'd say!
Toodle Pip!

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