Friday, 27 July 2012

New Blog Design!

I spent rather a lot of time this morning, getting frustrated at the computer, moving and rejigging practically everything. All Because I finished this:

This, is my lovely new blog logo, based on the Ravenclaw Crest and combined with all of the things that make me and this blog. There are balls of wool (purple, of course, my favourite colour); Paintbrushes (as I do tend to do an awful lot of art here); and the Raven itself is holding a needle and thread in its beak. I kept it to my style of working, with watercolour and the sketchy black pen outlines, as another reflection on my personal style.

The redesign includes a background that I made myself, and moving all of my icons to the left,instead of the right. I also reordered them, to allow better ease in navigation.

What do you think? Any comments or improvements that could be made would be most appreciated!

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