Tuesday, 31 July 2012

DIY: Ribbon Card

This is a card I made months back for my Mum's birthday, with the promise of a tutorial. Here it is!

You will Need:
Base colour card (I used blue)
Reflective card
White card/paper
Vellum, tissue paper, or any other translucent paper by another name
Organza Ribbon
Scissors and/or guillotine
Glue/Foam Pads

1) Fold your base card to create a card blank. Then, cut off half of the card front, as seen above.

2) With the reflective card, trim so that it fits comfortably within the outline of the base colour (my card front was 10x15cm, so the reflective was 5x10cm). Adhere only to the half flap on the front of the card so that it swings freely. The overlap creates the illusion of a full card blank.

3) Centrally, adhere the vellum at the top, and then a white rectangle to cover the adhesive marks.

4) Cut the Organza Ribbon into 3 equal sections. Around a smaller piece of reflective card, tie the ribbon sections, arranging them how you wish.

5) Attach ribbon strip to the white card, and you're finished!

You could use any ribbons. I think those ones were actually off of last year's Christmas Crackers, so there's a good example of recycling...
This card could be used for many things other than Birthdays - invitations, thank you notes, or any occasion, really...
Just a little bit of opulence...

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