Sunday, 29 July 2012

Craft Review: Week 31: Sunday 22nd July - Saturday 28th July

This week's been a good one in my opinion... I got rather a lot done!

I also participated in my first Creatives Unite, a brilliant idea that makes a crafter commit to at least one un-interrupted hour of craft between 9pm and 10pmon a Thursday Evening. Please, check out Anna's blog, she's amazing.
Above is what I made: two felt hearts. The grey one is a design I've used before, but the red and green one I created to represent a more contemporary Christmas feel. This is because I'm starting my Christmas stuff now. Call me crazy,but it's always worked before.

Speaking of Christmas, take a look at these two! My first Christmas Cards of the year... I want to give them to my Grandma to use,as I myself am not particularly religious person. I did, however,love painting the watercolour background to each. In a way, these cards sum up what I enjoy, and what I'm good at.

Here is a painting I did one afternoon when it was warm. It has no purpose, as of yet, but I'm fairly pleased with it, especially the light and the shadow across the body of the shoe.

This, you have already seen. For my mama, the tutorial is here.

And this is another thing I finished, which now features prominently, my blog logo. I am very pleased with it.

So, that's all for this week... Next weekend, I'm away watching the Olympics! So that should be fun... The craft review will most likely be a bit later,and then in a fortnight, I leave for Holiday.But,don't worry, I'm setting up a load of schedule posts to carry this blog through until I get back...

Toodle Pip!


  1. I'm so delighted that you joined us for Creatives Unite! and that you enjoyed yourself - you're so right to get started on Christmas now, I wish I was so organised! LOVE the blog logo - you clever socks, you! x

    1. Thank You! If I could, I'd do christmas all Year, I love it so much. I keepforgetting to join in because it's very late for me (I ususally go to sleep at half nine, so I've begun substituting it for knitting all through M*A*S*H each week...