Friday, 13 July 2012

Silver DofE - Completed

DofE - Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Basically, the award is for character building in young people between the ages of 14 and 24. There are 4 sections: Physical, Volunteering, Skill and Expedition. The first three have a set time that you must partake in for one hour per week, the latter is a set route and distance that one must walk and camp for.

I completed my Bronze award last year, which included: 3 months of Volunteering - I ran a sports club at a local school; 3 months of Skill - Playing my cello; 6 months of Physical - I did Archery. The Expeditions were 2 days long and between them we walked 15 km.
Not too bad...

Silver I eventually ended up calling Hell.

6 months of Volunteering.
6 months of Skill.
3 months of Physical.
3 Day expedition, now with HILLS, walking 30 km over the days.

What made things worse was that all through the expedition it rained, and it never stopped. School tents leak, waterproofs have a limit to how waterproof they are and it was cold.I didn't like it to say the least. I hated it.

But, the good news is, County have just approved and signed me off - I never have to do it again! And for that I am truly grateful. I now dread any mention of  the peak district,or hiking carrying 30 kg on my back, or any mumbling of the word 'camping'. Never. Again.

I lived in this hat for the entirety of the silver expedition. It's warm, doesn't fall off and vaguely waterproof.

I volunteered at the library for the summer Reading Challenge. The theme was circus. This meant I had to dress up like an idiot and take the train...
The Green ande purple thing in the background? Yeah I took the train like that.....
But as I said-good thing, I never have to do it again!

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